Saatchi Artist of the Day April 25, 2016

Chris was chosen as Saatchi Artist of the Week on April 25, 2016 by curator Rebecca Wilson.  Saatchi highlighted Dark Whispers and Sweet Addiction from my Escape body of work and Him from my Repression body of work throughout its social media postings that day.  All 3 pieces were then sold to Saatchi collectors in the U.S.  These beautiful pieces can be seen on the Saatchi Artists of the Week Collection.   Chris has been working with Saatchi since early 2014.  This collaboration has been extremely successful.  In addition, while working on the Escape collection, Ms. Wilson invited Chris to complete a commission for a Saatchi collector in Boston.  The commission was successfully shipped and can be seen at Saatchi.


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Elle Decor House Tour

Elle Decor's House Tour: Inside the light, airy retreat of Naina Singla.  Read the article that includes beautiful pictures of Naina Singla's home, decorated by Cline Rose Design.  Kimono I & II is featured in her modern entryway. This painting was inspired by a beautiful antique silk kimono which happened to match the colors dominant in the decor of the home.  The commission included several potential paintings that were black, white and pink, but this by far was the  most beautiful.  The designer, Joanna Abizaid, and her client agreed!

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