Repression 2015

 "[Chris's] art reflects a tactile experience thanks to a layered execution of bold strokes, hue and texture.  Despite being abstract, her pieces seem familiar because they emit an energy rooted in unpredictability, just like life." Joyce Asper

Repression is a body of work which I completed in 2015.  It includes seven pieces that hung at the Agora Gallery in New York City during the Pathway to Abstraction exhibit in June & July, 2016. The initial inspiration for this collection was my exploration of the rebirth of shame and how its currency is used today.  This is represented by the first painting "Shame".  As my painting progressed through each piece in the body of work, it became apparent that repressed individual definitions of shame were arising and would have a voice through the color and canvas.
The work as a whole represents the concept of the beauty that is present on the outside of all of us which hides the inevitable and underlying shame we all feel about something.  What is more relevant in our 21st century culture than this?  Depicted daily in social media, movies and books, and exercised in the offices of so many psychological practitioners, this theme is everywhere.  All the original works in this collection are acrylic and oil on canvas in various large format sizes.  I painted and made marks with my custom made knives and very little brushwork.  

See the Video Here